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Lord Locksley
Lord Locksley *Ps* Unkenruf *Ps*E* Donauwind *E* Pregel Tropenwald
Donaulied v. Sch. 2319 Boris
Donau v. Sch. 1571
Ultima Oekonom Absalon
Mira 281
Urina 1731 Cancara II
Urania 956
Lida *E* Enrico Caruso *Ps*E* Mahagoni Pasteur xx
Maharani II 4715
Elchniederung 6332 Amagun
Elbing 3950
Lonka Heros Humbolt
Toga 1208
Lohe 3552 Rosenberg
Lorelei 2093

Lord Locksley is a 2001 16.1h Licensed Trakehner Stallion, bred by Tylord
Farm and owned by Margaret Stevens of Phippsburgh Maine. Locksley came to
Crystal Spring Farm in the fall of 2007 and quickly took center stage in
our lives. He has been proven to be one of those rare rides, everyone
would just love to experience. His ridability and trainability and
temperament are incredible. Locksley is smart, athletic and has
incredible talent for collection. He is currently successfully competing
Grand Prix on the Florida show circuit. This eye catching stallion has
frozen semen available.
For breeding information, call Meg Stevens at 207338931876