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Leashed Tracking Of Wounded Game

        There is a time for business, and a time for play.
        While I am 100% dedicated to the horse sport and my clients, in my free
        time my passion belongs to our two little dogs.

        When nine years ago Cliff and I decided to get a wirehaired dachshund from
        Germany, we had no idea how much this little dog would change our lives. The
        dachshund is a hunting breed, and dachshund field trials and tracking
        wounded deer for hunters have become our passion. At a field trial
        dachshunds are put on the scent line of a rabbit and judged on the quality
        of their work on the scent line. Buster has done really well at field
        trials, he is a field champion, and he won a national field trial twice.

        When fall season comes around, we help hunters recover wounded big game such
        as deer and bear. There are many reasons why a hunter might not be able to
        find the deer he shot. Tracking dogs can be of great help in such
        situations. With their superior noses they can follow a trail of a wounded
        animal, even when there is no visible blood. A deer, even if mortally
        wounded, can cover much ground in a very short period of time, and it can
        take hunters hours and even days to find it. Sometimes coyotes find the deer
        before a hunter does. Often deer are never found. The tracking dog's job is
        to recover the wounded deer quickly so that it can be tagged and put in the
        freezer, and not be wasted. And while I am not a hunter myself, I love
        tracking wounded game for hunters. There is nothing more satisfying than
        tracking with my dog, watch him work and having a complete trust in him.

        In 2006 a small group of dedicated trackers from all over the country
        started an organization called the United Blood Trackers. United Blood
        Trackers is dedicated to promoting resource conservation through the use of
        trained tracking dogs in the ethical recovery of big game. We support
        recovery efforts afield, the education of hunters, the training and testing
        of dog handlers and their dogs, and legislative efforts to promote blood
        tracking. I am honored to be one of the founding members of that group, and
        to be on the board of directors.
        For more information go to:         United Bloodtrackers.org