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Buster's Page

  Buster was born June 5th, 2002 to the name of Clown Vom Talsdeich.
We had considered getting a Wirehaired Dachshund from Germany and my cousin Barbara Eisvogel had located a breeder and picked a little male when I decided last minute that she should chuck the whole Idea and just come to visit me. (thinking of how close I came to not having Buster still turns my stomach) The morning of Barbaras arrival, when she was already sitting in the airplane , I got an email which read: "Hi my name is Clown, I am coming with Barbara to visit you in Maine. If you don't like me, I'll go back home with Barbara.... see you soon your little Clown" Needless to say, I fell in love with the little guy instantly. THANK YOU BARBARA!!! He was special! There was something about him that is hard to describe. He never really acted "puppy like". He was always serious and always on top of things. People language never seemed a problem for him and communicating with us was effortless for him right from the start. Also, has he never gotten into any serious trouble. We started calling the little dog after the famous Clown Buster Keaton and he soon became the center of my attention. I did nothing without him. A big turning point for me was meeting Jolanta Jeanneney and her husband John Jeanneney who have been breeding Dachshunds for many years. Meeting Jolanta brought me into the world of field trailing and deer recovery and in her, I made a friend for life. Jolanta was interested in watching Buster work, to possibly use him for breeding in the future (which they eventually did), and it sparked my interest in what we passionately do today. Buster has been a two time National Champion in field trialing and he is an outstanding tracking dog with a very good nose for even old and difficult trails. I watch this little dog work and I am always just in awe of what he can do!. When we don't "play", Buster is my constant companion, my Horse Show Dog and my best little friend. We are inseparable and he is my "dog of a lifetime".