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Meggie's Page

  Meggie (Marguerite vom Jaegerhuegel) was born on April 18th 2010, and she is a Buster/Quilla daughter. She is our very special and very wanted girl. When Cliff and I considered two years before we got Meggie, that we might be ready for a Buster daughter, we decided, that we would possibly take pick of the littler out of my good friend Willette's female Quilla von Velbert. I felt strongly, that I needed the "Buster puppy", the quiet, old soul, thoughtful and serene puppy, with a good nose, but since we didn't know if we had one of those in the litter, we just stayed on the fence about it. Quilla gave birth to three girls and one boy, while I was in Florida, so I trusted Willette to pick the right one.... and when she brought Anabelle, she was just what we had hoped for, a little Buster reincarnated, and we instantly fell in love. Very sadly, and to this day still very painful, she had a tragic accident and died only a few weeks after she came into our lives. The loss of that puppy left a huge hole in our hearts. When a year and a half later, we re-bred Quilla, I was much more ready.. I knew, that I could love a second dog, and knew I needed her to help us heal. We did have a small worry, when Quilla didn't really look all that pregnant, and we where afraid, that she might only carried one or two puppies. The biggest fear was, that we had only boys in there, as we really had our hearts set on a little girl. Whelping day finally arrived,and I got to actually be there this time. The very first puppy that arrived, was a beautiful fat little dark female... I looked at her and completely relaxed... I knew then, that she was to be mine. It turned out, that we had five puppies in this litter, two of them females, (and I certainly could not have gone wrong with either), but my heart belonged to Meggie from the first moment. I went to see the pups almost daily and loved the process of seeing them grow and develop. Meggie is a love! She is by far the most cuddly dog I've ever met, but she is very much her own dog... She really doesn't act much like Buster at all. She doesn't have the old soul serenity, with the quietness of the first puppy... in fact, she's a bit of a loose cannon, she is loud and she is always on fire, but gosh does she make me smile!!!! We very much needed her and she fits into our lives perfectly! Meggie is a Field Champion and loves to compete in Field Trials, and she has stepped into her fathers paw prints when it comes to tracking wounded game.